Why Choose NeoGraft® to Treat Hair-Loss?

Why Choose NeoGraft® to Treat Hair-Loss?

Why Choose NeoGraft® to Treat Hair-Loss?

Why Choose NeoGraft® to Treat Hair-Loss?

Hair loss is a predicament that most men and women experience at some point during their lifetime. To many people, good and ample hair stands as a sign of attractiveness. Enter NeoGraft®. This is a type of hair restoration using hair transplants. Since its inception in 1939, this form of hair restoration has improved tremendously. 


Causes of Hair Loss

All human beings lose a few strands of hair. However, baldness is a common phenomenon in both men and women as they age. This mostly happens due to their genetics. The onset of baldness happens differently in both sexes. 

In women, the hair thins all over the head, while in men it starts at the crown and temples of the head. Balding can start at any age, especially after puberty, though it is most common after hitting menopause.

There are several other causes of hair loss. These include pregnancy, disease, medication, stress, and surgery. Someone undergoing radiation or chemotherapy to treat cancer may experience hair loss.


Are You a Candidate for NeoGraft?

Several factors determine if you are a viable candidate to undergo NeoGraft. The first and most important is that you must be in sound health. The procedure involves the use of topical anesthetics, so you must be able to stand them. Your doctor may be against the procedure if you are suffering from certain conditions. These are conditions surrounding inflammations, bleeding, and your heart.

If you are suffering hair loss due to medication or an illness, NeoGraft may not be successful. Some physical weaknesses like hypertrophic scarring can make the procedure dangerous for you. For it to be successful, the doctor must do it in the area that has potential hair growth. 


What the Procedure Entails

The procedure begins with the application of a topical anesthetic. This helps numb the area where the surgeon will harvest and transplant the hair. You will not experience any pain during the procedure. All you may feel is some dull sensation or pressure. 

The surgeon uses special equipment to harvest hair. They do this in the place where your hair is thick. Depending on the amount of hair you need, the procedure may last between four to six hours. Once the process is complete, the doctors will bandage your head.


Post Procedure and Recovery

You may experience some numbness or discomfort after the procedure. In case of any pain, you may need to take prescription-strength acetaminophen. This prescription must come from your doctor.

Word of caution, though: Do not take any over-the-counter pain killers like aspirin or Advil within 48 hours post-procedure. Your scalp will develop scabs a short while after the procedure. Do not pick them as they will fall off on their own in two weeks.


Advantages of NeoGraft

In comparison to other hair grafting procedures, this one has numerous positive attributes. First, it has fewer complications. This is because the procedure is minimally invasive. This lowers the chances of you experiencing surgical complications. Next, it is less traumatic to the patient. The procedure is also fast and has a shorter downtime.

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