Male Gynecomastia

Male Gynecomastia

Male Gynecomastia

Male Gynecomastia

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Whether a little or a lot, women are expected to have some degree of extra breast tissue which helps differentiate between the sexes. However, when a man suffers from an unusually large amount of breast tissue, it becomes a condition known as male gynecomastia, or more commonly, man boobs.

Depending on the severity of their condition, men who suffer from gynecomastia often suffer psychologically, feeling embarrassed or ashamed of the appearance of their chest. They may choose to try and cover their chest with a shirt or vest when participating in activities such as swimming or surfing or may hide their body from their sexual partner. Many also feel that they cannot wear the clothes that they would like to, instead favoring baggy, dark-colored tops over anything fitted. Some men may even feel that their masculinity is compromised by their excess breast tissue.

Fortunately, breast reduction surgery isn’t just for females. Men can now benefit from the same procedure to eliminate the superfluous soft tissue in their chest area and achieve a smoother, flatter silhouette that is more in keeping with the conventional male shape.

Why am I suffering with gynecomastia?

One of the most frustrating things for gynecomastia patients is not knowing exactly why they have developed the condition. There are two

Balance of hormones

All human beings have both female and male hormones and while males tend to have more male hormones, females tend to have more female ones. At least in theory. The truth is that hormone fluctuations are extremely common. During puberty many boys may develop excess breast tissue, with some retaining it as they progress into adulthood. At the other end of the spectrum, as we get older, the natural production of testosterone – the male hormone - in the body slows down. Many men will also gain weight, something which is linked to estrogen production, and estrogen is the hormone primarily responsible for the growth of breast tissue.


Almost every medication has some side effects, and while these can vary from person to person, some types of drug have been shown to cause excess breast tissue to develop. This includes some extremely common medications, such as those used to treat heartburn, high blood pressure and stomach ulcers. Your doctor may be able to offer you an alternative type of drug if the one you are taking is believed to the cause of your excess breast tissue. Otherwise, you may wish to consider a gynecomastia breast reduction.

Gynecomastia breast reduction procedure

The procedure to eliminate excess male breast tissue is fairly straightforward and performed under a general anesthetic. Dr. Garza will make an incision around the areola which is then temporarily detached so that liposuction can be used to remove the surplus breast tissue. This involves injecting fluid under the skin to break up the fatty deposits, and then inserting a cannula attached to a vacuum which sucks the loose fat from your body.

Once enough tissue has been removed, any incisions will be sealed using small sutures, and the nipple replaced in aesthetically-pleasing position. You will then be bought round from the anesthetic.

Recovering from a gynecomastia breast reduction procedure

Immediately after your procedure, you will be in some discomfort. Dr. Garza will prescribe you medication to help manage your pain. Your chest will feel tight and swollen under your bandages, and you will be given instructions as to when these can be removed. When you unveil your chest, the results may be obvious immediately, but it could take up to six weeks for the swelling and bruising to subside.

This procedure is invasive and as such, the usual risks associated with a surgery apply. It is essential that you follow the aftercare instructions provided by Dr. Garza and your surgical team to ensure that you minimize your risk of complications and make the best possible recovery.

If you are suffering from gynecomastia and your condition is getting you down, a male breast reduction performed by our accredited and highly skilled surgeon, Dr. Jaime Garza, could be the solution you are waiting for. With more than two decades of experience in cosmetic surgery procedures and a profound, personal commitment to transforming the lives of his patient, Dr. Garza has the education, skill and qualities needed to perform surgeries to the highest possible standard. To schedule a consultation to discuss your case in confidentiality, please telephone our discreet and reassuring team.


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