What to Do If You Have Had a Bad Breast Augmentation?

What to Do If You Have Had a Bad Breast Augmentation?

What to Do If You Have Had a Bad Breast Augmentation?

What to Do If You Have Had a Bad Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery, also often called a ‘boob job’, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world. Many people desire larger, fuller breasts, and augmentation surgery is a safe and straightforward method of achieving this shape. However, there are other reasons why someone may undergo a breast augmentation procedure, such as reconstructing the breasts following a mastectomy, or as part of a gender transition.


Breast augmentation surgery is largely considered to be a very safe procedure. However, there are instances where things can go wrong, resulting in a ‘bad’ breast augmentation, where the patient is unhappy with their results. Here’s what you need to know about identifying a bad breast augmentation and what you can do if you aren’t happy with your results.  

What are the signs of bad breast augmentation?

What makes a bad breast augmentation? There are actually a number of different scenarios that could be classed as a ‘bad’ breast augmentation. These include the following:

Your new breasts look very fake

Some people undergo breast augmentation surgery with the intention of making their breasts as large and obvious as possible. However, if you were hoping for a more subtle improvement in their size, shape, and position and you have been left with breasts that are clearly fake, you may be unhappy with their appearance.

Your new breasts are the wrong size

You should have had a thorough consultation with your surgeon regarding the size of your breasts, but there are occasions whereby patients are still unhappy with them once the surgery is complete. In this case, you may want to consider revision surgery.

You have capsular contracture

This is a common condition that occurs when the breast implants become unusually hard and is caused by the body reacting to the foreign substance of the implant. It forms scar tissue around it, squeezing it. Eventually, the implant becomes fixed in place by rigid scar tissue that is painful and can cause the breast to look disfigured and unnatural. Capsular contracture gets progressively worse, so prompt treatment is essential.

Your breast implant has ruptured

All implants have the potential to rupture and leak. Ruptures in silicone implants tend to be noticeable very quickly, and in addition to decreasing size or shape, you may notice swelling, burning or tingling near the site of the rupture. Saline implants rupture more slowly, and you may notice a gradual deflation of your breasts. Saline is a harmless solution, but you should seek immediate attention from a cosmetic surgeon.

You are unhappy with the overall appearance of your breasts

A great boob job requires significant skill. Breasts must be made to look identical with perfect symmetry and be positioned at the perfect height and distance apart to look natural. It may be that you are simply unhappy with the cosmetic appearance of your breasts following surgery.

What can I do if I have had a bad breast augmentation?

If you are unhappy with the results of your breast augmentation procedure, you don’t have to live with them. Breast augmentation revision surgery can be used to address the issues that are causing you concern. The aim of this subsequent surgery is to correct any abnormalities or problems and leave you with breasts that align with your initial expectations. Not all cosmetic surgeons can provide revision surgery, but those that do have extensive experience in recognizing the signs of a bad breast augmentation procedure and know the best ways to help you achieve the shape and size that you desire.

How can I avoid a bad breast augmentation?

Every patient should make avoiding a bad breast augmentation a priority. They can do this in several ways. One of your most important considerations should be the surgeon that you choose. There are countless cosmetic surgeons, but they don’t all have equal skills and experience across all surgeries. Therefore, it’s crucial to do your research properly before choosing the cosmetic surgeon who will carry out your breast augmentation procedure. Things to look for include:

  • Their credentials to ensure that they are official and correct.

  • Whether they are members of any board or other professional organization.

  • What proportion of the surgeries they carry out are breast augmentations?

  • Whether they are committed to extending their skill through subsequent training.

  • Their online reviews.

  • Examples of their work.

Once you have shortlisted your potential surgeons, make sure you visit them to get a feel for their practice and how they work. This will help you to ensure that you choose the right surgeon for you.

While your surgeon is responsible for carrying out your breast augmentation safely and to the highest standard, you will have a large element of responsibility for your subsequent recovery. Your surgeon will give you very specific instructions to follow in the days and weeks following your procedure. These will help to minimize your risk of complications, and this is important since complications could result in a bad overall result from your breast augmentation.  

If you have had a bad breast augmentation procedure and you would like advice about what to do next, don’t hesitate to speak to our experienced and knowledgeable revision surgery team.


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