How to Find a Good Facial Reconstruction Surgeon

How to Find a Good Facial Reconstruction Surgeon

How to Find a Good Facial Reconstruction Surgeon

How to Find a Good Facial Reconstruction Surgeon

Plastic surgery procedures like facial reconstruction and breast augmentation are among the most popular cosmetic surgeries worldwide. Facial reconstruction surgery involves rebuilding the structure of your face for whatever reason. Several factors can contribute, including cancer surgery, trauma, burns, and several other illnesses.

Damage to the soft tissue and bones of your face can hamper your ability to talk, smile, blink and eat. Facial reconstruction helps improve or bring back function to your face. It can also boost your confidence by making you comfortable with your appearance. For you to benefit from this, you must find an excellent facial reconstruction surgeon. Herein is how to find one.


Seek for Recommendations


The first step when looking for a top-notch facial reconstruction surgeon is to ask people close to you.  You can also ask for a referral list from your primary care physician or other healthcare providers. If you know someone with a similar experience, reach out to them for assistance. This depends on whether you and the individual are comfortable enough to talk about it. They can give you a rundown on all that you need to know from consultation to recovery.


Check the Surgeon’s Qualifications


Once you have your shortlist of surgeons, you must confirm their qualifications. One sure way to do this is to check if their names are on the board certification list. This must happen before you book an appointment with the surgeons. This is important because some unscrupulous doctors with other medical training can hop on this bandwagon. They do this in search of greater profit margins. You can ask for assistance if you cannot understand the medical jargon in the specific certification board.


Review the Surgeon’s Facilities’ Accreditation


After confirming your surgeon’s board certification, you must also check if their facilities have proper accreditation. This does not matter whether the surgeon practices in their office or an ambulatory care facility. Accreditation means that the facility sticks to strict standards of staffing, safety, equipment, and surgeon qualifications.

To confirm accreditation, you need to check whether the facility has authorizations from the responsible bodies in your state.  Some of the requirements include a low mortality rate and high patient-safety standards. A facility with top-notch accreditation means that you will get quality healthcare.


Style of Communication


It is essential to choose a facial reconstruction surgeon whom you can easily talk to. They must also respect your privacy and support your surgical needs. To do this, ask your surgeon questions on your first appointment. How they respond will tell you a lot about whether to sign-up with them or not.

Take note of how they view your questions and how they answer them. Check if they simplify medical jargon to make sure that you understand. A good surgeon will also offer you options that best suit your condition and needs.


Insurance Cover


One pertinent issue to consider is your medical insurance cover. To get the most benefits and low out-of-pocket payments, you must choose carefully. You need to select a surgeon who participates in your insurance plan to get these benefits.

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