Fat Grafting / Fat Transfer

Fat Grafting / Fat Transfer

Fat Grafting / Fat Transfer

Fat Grafting/Natural Fat Transfer

Many patients who seek solutions to remove wrinkles, dents, or uneven features in the face or body think that plastic surgery is the only option. That’s no longer true in many cases. Everyone has a certain amount of body fat, and the fat grafting procedure uses your own fat cells to address problem areas.

Dr. Garza uses the patient’s own natural fat cells to fill in deep smile lines, crow’s feet, sunken cheeks, lip or mouth wrinkles, lower eyelids, or even improvements to the entire face, leaving patients with a rejuvenated, restful new appearance and renewed self-confidence.

Fat grafting also can provide an effective alternative to traditional breast augmentation, eliminating the insertion of artificial implants and using the patient’s own fat cells to create fuller, more beautiful breasts.

When a patient has undergone a lumpectomy, often an unsightly dent is created, marring an otherwise attractive breast. By using our fat grafting techniques, those dents are refilled with the patient’s own fat cells, and the breast is restored to its original beauty.

When a patient seeks a solution for a flat or sagging buttocks area, fat grafting is often an ideal solution for creating round, firm buttocks that look completely natural…because it is!


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